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Saya dan team saya gak lama di awal 2011 menyelesaikan sebuah website jejaring sosial berbasis lokasi (LBS Social Networking) Namanya : t4nya (dibaca : tempatnya) Alamat websitenya : Pengembangannya pake : Google Map API dan CI.

Cara register dan loginnya gampang, gak pake ribet ngisi ini itu, cukup pake facebook connect

Silahkan berkunjung ya teman-teman sekalian, jangan lupa bergabung, registrasi, login dan ramaikan Ayo, teman-teman ramaikan Sekarang sedang fokus pengembangan aplikasi smartphone t4nya ini.

Kalo ada kritik, saran..monggo, teman-teman..kami sangat berterima kasih dan senang sekali. Terima kasih, semua


3 column css with fixed left/right and fluid center, no hack. the point of this css is.

  1. the center div is put after left and right div.
  2. float the left and right,
  3. min-width of the center div and wrapper div, don’t use width on the center div and wrapper div
  4. margin-left and margin-right based on left and rigth div’s width, you can use  % too to make it fluid, of course left and right div’s width must be in %  too.
 #wrapper div{
 border:1px solid black;
 <div id="wrapper">
 <div id="left">this is left</div>
 <div id="right">this is right</div>
 <div id="center">this is center</div>asd

Edit: Facebook already Fixed this

(sorry for my english)

i didn’t find exact solution for this bug, someone say clear cache or update your chrome. but it didn’t work for me. then i try to remove this code,

FB.Event.subscribe(‘auth.login’, function() {

it works !! .

i don’t find this auth.login is usefull, coz there iz this code  for auto refresh wher user login.

FB.login(function(response) {

and there is other bug, not about chrome and not really a bug though.  it’s depend on your facebook code structure. it is i can’t log out properly. because i use offline_access permission that make php think user is logged in event user not logged in facebook.

then i just remove offline_access permission.

Code Igniter AutoCompletion with PHP

today i try to search again IDE for CI. and found code auto completion with netbeans. its nicely working..
i get it from the CI forum,

first, add system folder to global include in tool->options->php, then just add this in your controller, and you are ready to go with $this->db auto completion

* @property CI_Loader $load
* @property CI_Form_validation $form_validation
* @property CI_Input $input
* @property CI_Email $email
* @property CI_DB_active_record $db
* @property CI_DB_forge $dbforge

for another ease of use, you can use code template , from tool->options->editor

that’s all.

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